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world war one - regimental war diaries

The War Diary of his own Regiment.

The 73rd Füsilier Regiment kept an extensive diary during the First World War. Unfortunately, virtually all the records of the former Prussian Army were destroyed in 1945 when the Potsdam Heeresarchiv burned down following an Allied bombing raid. Thus the Bundesarchiv/Militärarchiv in Freiburg houses next to no information concerning either the 73rd Füsiliers or the 111th Infantry Division to whom they were attached for most of the War.

Incidentally, the Wehrmacht records seem mostly intact, which would suggest an interesting line of research for those with a particular interest in Jünger's activities during the Second World War.

The War Diaries of his opponents

Without extremely painstaking research, it would be next to impossible to establish every single units were opposite the 73rd Füsilier Regiment over the course of the war. However, Jünger does identify one very specific incident in 1917 which resulted in the death of a British officer. In Stahlgewittern gives the precise details of which regiment and which battalion the officer belonged. Because the British Public Records Office in Kew holds war diaries down to Battalion level, I was therefore able to locate the relevant battalion's war diary for the period in question and compare the two accounts.

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