ernst jünger in cyberspace

criticism - graduate seminar paper, 1995


This paper was given in autumn 1995 at Oxford University's Modern German Studies Seminar following succesful completion of the illustrious Master of Studies in Research Methods in Modern Languages degree. The paper is interesting in that several key arguments that achieved maturity in the final thesis submitted nearly four years later have their origin here. It should be noted that at the time I was intending to write on the topic of "History and Time in the Work of Ernst Jünger", the scope of ambition bearing witness to the naivety of the inexperienced researcher. Otherwise, the paper is of course incomplete, intellectually immature and very rough round the edges.

Copyright and Reproduction

The paper is © John King, 1995, but may be reproduced freely and cited freely. However, reproduction and citation are not encouraged due to the very preliminary nature of what was written.


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