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Ernst Jünger was, if nothing else, a prolific writer, publishing consistently from 1920 to 1997. After his death, we have seen the publication of edited collections of correspondance and of hitherto unknown manuscripts. His life and works continue to the subject of a great deal of attention from scholars and journalists.

Over the course of my research, I read pretty much all of the more academic criticism on Jünger and kept a record in my Papyrus reference management database which was an essential tool, running alongside Word 6.0 on my old laptop. The records are no longer up to date as I have not been able to follow all the latest developments. Furthermore, because Papyrus is a standalone DOS program which presents neither external APIs nor a SQL interface, the list of secondary literature is currently presented in a rather unhelpful format - an export into Word format and thence into a huge, single HTML file. Exporting the data into mysql and presenting a searchable interface using PHP will be major priority as I upgrade the site.

Finally, the richest bibliographic reference is the work carried out by Dr. Nicolai Riedel, a full-time bibliographer at the Deutsches Literaturarchiv in Marbach. His work on Jünger's primary texts contributed significantly to the current "offical" Jünger bibliography:

Horst Muehleisen, Bibliographie der Werke Ernst Jüngers, Veröffentlichungen der deutschen Schillergesellschaft, Bd. 47. (Stuttgart: J. G. Cotta'sche Buchhandlung Nachfolger GmbH, 1996) ISBN 3-7681-9803-0.

Amongst his other projects, Dr Riedel is currently working on a full bibliography of secondary literature on Jünger.

Primary Literature

Secondary Literature

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