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about this site - release notes

31st August 2007

Moved hosting to Hetzner in Germany.

5th September 2002

Updated the links list>, a task which was long overdue given how many stale links had accumulated. The php file now parses a simple text file with the data which should make it easier to maintain. It's only an interim solution - the full solution is major bibliographic/meta-data engine which I'm currently working on in the background. Anyway, perusing hundreds of results from Google is not my favourite way to spend the evening, but someone has to do it. And if you're wondering why the date at the bottom of the links page says 4th September and it says 5th September here, that'll be because I'm in London and the server's in Pittsburg.

3rd September 2002

Updated search>. Search now includes thesis and seminar paper PDF files and most recent mailing list archives.

20th August 2002

Updated Mailing List Archive Index>.

Updated CSS to fix scrolling problem.

6th August 2001

Added thesis by chapter>. This offers individual downloads of each individual thesis chaper.

1st August 2001

The search engine> is finally live. It is based on htdig>, an open source site indexing engine. I have configured the results pages to conform to the site look and feel. There remain some outstanding issues with indexing PDFs, some MIME processing and the way in which HTML entities are rendered. These I feel are relatively minor, but will be resolved shortly.

30 July 2001

Minor release. Fixed two annoying Netscape things.

Presentation wise:

27 July 2001

The latest version contains the reworked version of the mailarchives>, which contains both the Oxford and pairlist archives, reworked to conform to the new site look and feel.

The site has been changed slightly to take use of php-based includes which will significantly reduce the maintenance overhead when site wide changes need to be made.